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Team of Innovators

Whether it’s designing and analyzing a pallet for a customer, or expediting an order, our team is second to none. Anyone can sell you pallets. We want to make sure we provide you with the right pallet for your shipping and handling requirements.

Reliable Solutions

Using the latest computer technology, and drawing on our experience in working with companies in virtually every industry, our team will make sure you get a pallet that perfectly fits your needs.

Expert Support

When you call Miller Wood Products, you’ll speak directly with one of our team members, who will know your company and your requirements. Not a voice-mail or a recorded message--a live person.
Our Specialists
Count On Us

With a combined 150 years of experience in the pallet industry, we have the knowledge and experience to develop and implement a great pallet program for your company. Every employee at Miller Wood Products has a complete understanding of our customers’ needs, and takes a pro-active approach to customer service.

Why Our Team
Reasons to Choose Us

The Miller Wood team is committed to providing quality products and customized services, making us the supplier customers call first when looking for pallet solutions.

Miller Wood Products embraces the philosophy of “on-going service”. We maintain detailed records on the size and frequency of our customers’ orders, and pay special attention to trends, such as seasonal and market conditions. It’s an approach that has allowed us to become an effective extension of our customers’ purchasing operations. It also allows us to work in advance to secure the highest quality materials at the best possible prices.

We have an extensive network of quality conscious, financially stable suppliers which allows us to service companies at any or all of their locations.  Our ties with these manufacturers go back over 20 years, so we know that they will deliver quality pallets, on time and made to the correct specifications.

As an international broker of pallets and other wood packaging, we have supplied companies in virtually every industry throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Europe.  Our knowledge and experience have allowed us to partner with our customers to ensure that they receive the right pallets for their specific handling requirements.